Compact archive February 10, 2009

The police arrested other Cocaine dealers in Prague

This was another case of a bust in Prague underground scene, and it is a third cocaine bust in about 40 days. Police officers from the national anti-drug central (NPC) have seized three members of an organized gang who were producing and selling cocaine in Prague. One of them was caught when he was selling 300g right in front of a MC Donald’s premise.

According to the recently published report of Prague criminality cocaine became a common drug, but we somehow didn’t realize how common until we read almost every two weeks about dealers being busted. According to a doctor from Prague centre Drop-In Jiri Presl the increasing popularity of this deadly substance returns Prague to its First-Republic reputation – “Prague used to be famous for cocaine.”

Schwarzenberg negotiates in USA today

Schwarzenberg went to the US for an assurance that the new American government under the lead of Barack Obama intends to continue in the program of the anti-rocket shield in the area of Poland and Czech Republic. Today, he is going to talk with Hillary Clinton, who is the leader of American diplomacy since January. It seemed recently, like if the Americans wanted to retreat from the contracts in order of making new ones with Russia, those about disarmament.

Speculations, that the US could avoid the construction were however quite reduced, when on Saturday the American Vice-president said Obama is not giving up on the anti-rocket shield. Schwarzenberg is one of the first Foreign Ministers who meets Clinton in her new function. They haven’t talked together officially for some time, but they did when Schwarzenberg worked for the ex-president Vaclav Havel. As he says “We know each other. Or more precisely, I am one of the million of people she knows.”


The Biggest Cappuccino in the World in Prague

The Guinness world record was made in Prague yesterday – the biggest cappuccino in the world. In the metropolis, eighty barmans made it into one huge cup within the Master of Coffee 2008 competition at Prague Exhibition ground on Saturday 7th August. The record-breaking drink contained 10 000 espresso coffees and 1709 litres of milk. The cup itself is two metres in diameter and it is 1,3m tall.

To prepare such a gigantic coffee took three hours and forty five minutes of fast, professional work and cost two hundred thousand czk. The idea was to make a coffee with 2009 litres of goodness, and to beat the record of Italians Ettore Diana and Luca Braguti made in 2002 with their cappuccino of 1250 litres. And who is going to drink it now? Well, pigs, if you want to know.


O2 Arena Hosts Athletic Ring for the First Time

O2 Arena Looks completely unusual from the typical image of the hockey matches. There is no shining ice, not a tennis court, not even a motocross track. This time, the arena changed into an Athletic ring (the chance took 50 hours) The ice is still beneath the athletic surface Conipur. Olympic Winner Meseret Defar baptized the oval, prepared for the Meeting of World Champions.

Meseret Defar said – About the ring, that it is “… is nicely soft, I like it.”, about the hall: “I was surprised, how huge it is, I have never run is such a big one, not in Birmingham, Stuttgart or Boston.” About Prague: “I am here for the first time, I went to the Old Town yesterday, it is beautiful.” About the meeting, on which she is going to compete: “I am happy that ill be here on its first run. And that I have tried the track in advance.”

Prague Soon Building Stage for Madonna

If the people living in Prague Jizni Mesto feel on 13th August that they hear the voice of Madonna behind their windows, it won’t be a hallucination. It is almost certain now that Chodov will see the provisional amphitheater, where the star will perform. The site construction manages Live Nation agency. Whether this is going to be the place is not sure, though; five years ago the idea of making a similar concert at the place stopped petition of the locals.

There is nothing going to be build permanently, it is so going to resemble a one–day festival show. The agency have already organized the Prague concert of Rolling Stones, so technically it should be fine. Her guest is the music producer and a DJ Paul Oakenfold. Madonna’s last concerts in O2 Arena Prague were sold out in two hours, so be sure to buy it on 14th February, the day of release.