A woman was beaten by policeman

Katerina Jacques, number two of Green Party at Prague and the head of the government’s human rights section was beaten by policeman when she was protesting against neo-Nazi demonstration.

It is hard to describe it objectively, investigation is still on the way and results will be maybe at the end of this week, but there is some info.

Yesterday Katerina Jacques with friends, her kids and party colleagues followed ultra-right movement National Resistance demonstration march with anti-Nazi banner.

The rest of an incident is not same. There is police version and version by Jacques and their friends.

Jacques says that she was attacked by furious policeman and brutally arrested, the police says that Jaques didn’t obey police order and she had to be arrested with force.

Here are links to English-written articles of this case.
Czech News Agency – Ceske noviny
Radio Prague
A video of this incident by British lists -Michal Vlk
Photos of this incident by Michal Vlk

Interior Minister Frantisek Bublan says that the policeman was set off duty and Bublan says that policeman behaviour was most probably inadequate.

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