Kozel Day full of beer

Czech Republic is a state of beer so no one can be surprised that you can find here beer festivities. This weekend 3rd June is in Velke Popovice, small town near Prague, The Day of the Goat.

Velkopopovicky kozel (Velke Popovice Goat) is a name of a great beer and the Velke Popovice brewery presents 14th Day of the Goat. A program is from 9 AM to 9PM.

There will be Czech Folk & Country performers, competitions, gymnastic artists walking on a rope, fire spitters and jugglers.
You can also taste beer speciality: Velkopopovicky kozel “Sladek” (the Brewer).

You can get there by bus from Prague metro station Opatov (red line) with bus specials leaving from 8.30 AM every half an hour until 11 AM.

Velke Popovice Brewery webpages are here.

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