Where is the best exchange rate in Prague?

Czech newspapers Mlada Fronta DNES made a test to find out where is the best to change money in Prague. Journalists changed Czech crowns for 100 Euros and for 100 American dollars.

21 banks and exchange offices was tested in Prague, another nine in other towns in Czech Republic. The test was made 12th June.

Generally, the worse rate is in banks and better is in exchange offices.
But worst exchange rate with totally nonconforming voucher is in FEO exchange office at Hlavni nadrazi (Main Railway station). 100 Euros costs 2990 CZK, 100 USD is 2391 CZK.

Best rate is in Camfex Group and Alpha Prague.
12th June has Alpha Prague 100 Euros 2825 CZK, 100 USD cost 2240 CZK. The adress is Na prikope 23, Prague 1.
Camfex Group has that day the rate almost similar. 100 Euros cost 2534, 100 USD 2240 USD. The address is Vladislavova 16, Prague 1.
Today exchange rate was better in Camfex Group in both an Bid and an Ask.

On-line exchange rate is at Kurzy pages.

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