Modernization of Prague underground railway delayed

Prague tube could be moving with no drivers at all but the steps towards a more modern and safe subway are delayed by a law case.

Lines A and C do not already need any drivers. Both lines use namely modern protective equipment that is placed both on the routes as well as in the trains themselves. This safety mechanism automatically controls the driver and makes sure no mistakes are made. For example, should the speed be too high, the safety equipment can recognize it and automatically lower the speed or even to stop the train completely.

The very modern M1 trains have been providing the service for the passengers of line C since the year 1998. Tube line A has now reached the end of the trial period for the safety mechanism using the reconstructed Russian 81-71M trains.

On the other hand, the yellow B line cannot look forward to receiving the mechanism soon. There is a law case between two participants of the selection procedure for the modernization. The unsuccessful applicant took his case to the Office for the Protection of Competition. This part of Prague tube will therefore be modernized later than was expected. In other words there will be less comfort for the drivers as well as a waste of energy. Nevertheless, the passengers do not need to have any worries about their safety, which is sufficiently safeguarded.

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