Little gorilla has been rescued

Young gorilla Moja, that she is precious of Prague, has been saved by an attendant Marek Zdansky. It happened yesterday and both of them were in danger.

Zoo attendant just came to work and he noticed that group of gorillas were sitting near gap on the rain. Then he saw that young gorilla Moja is in the water with face under water. He immediately jumped into ditch and pulled the gorilla out. He has to go to ground where was whole group of gorillas where was also 315 kilograms wight male Richard. Then Zdansky shook Moja to wake her up. Moja started to scream. Fortunately mother of Moja only take her and went back into pavilion.

Gorillas couldn’t do nothing to help the young one because they can’t swim. The attendant made this large risk also Moja is the first gorilla born in any Czech zoo. Moja was borned 13th December 2004, but her sex has been recognized by DNA test as lately as this May.

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