Stefanik's Bridge will be repaired

Stefanik’s Bridge, Libensky bridge and Hlavkuv bridge require repair. It’s bad condition has been found after floods 2002. Stefanik’s bridge is the first in queue.

The repair was planned to this year, but council hadn’t enough money, so the repair will start next year. The appropriation is 440 million crowns in budget for the next year. 350 millions will take the repair of the bridge itself, 90 millions are for the repair of the tram line.

The bridge’s framework will be straighten, isolation renewed and the roadway will be completely replaced. The bridge was built in 50’s in 20th century.

LIbensky bridge from year 1928 will be removed and the wider copy of it will be placed instead. Hlavkuv bridge is a part of north-south arterial. It was built between 1910-1914. It’s repair will start after the construction of the new Libensky bridge.

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