White collars' running competition in Prague

Do you sit every day behind the desk in your office with the feeling you would like to run away? Everything is possible in Prague! ‘White collars’ competitions called Beh kancelarskych krys (kancelarske krysy – office rats – is a Czech humorous nickname for ‘white collars’) will start on 7th October at 14:00 in Ovocny trh.

Instead of T-shirt and shorts the competitors will be wearing suits with ties or coats and skirts. Mobile phones in one hand and a folder in the other cannot be missing. Sport shoes are acceptable.

The racecourse starts in Ovocny trh, then continue in Celetna street, Na Prikope, Havirska street and finishes again in Ovocny trh. Between running the participants have to succeed in several disciplines: throw with the folder, slalom in the office chair and climb a rope. The moderator of this competition Pavel Andel will call the competitors on mobile phone. If the participant does not answer the phone, he/she will be disqualified.

This competition is held under the auspices of the Prague’s Mayer Pavel Bem who will be also one of the competitors.

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Hostel Alia

Hostel situated in quiet street, nearby Prague Congress centre.


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