Classical cinemas are dying out

There are less and less classical cinemas in the Czech Republic. Especially in Prague where 44 classical cinemas (out of 57 in 1989) went bankrupt . The last bankrupt cinema in Prague was Bio Illusion after 76 of its existence. In 1995 there were 800 cinemas in the Czech Republic, nowadays only 500.

This sad situation is caused by a growing number of multiplex cinemas. 18 multiplex cinemas in CR receive 71 per cent of all income and show 90 per cent of all film premieres. The classical cinemas have to wait then. Multiplex cinemas also give only 30 – 40 per cent of the admission to the distributors, while the classical cinemas 50 per cent.

Prague classical cinemas Aero and Svetozor now show independent and innovative films, which may be one of the ways how to compete with the big chain of multiplex cinemas.

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