The best brewer and pub are in Prague

Czech people drink the most of beer in the world. The number is 160 liters per person/per year. Their beer is also renowned in the world. “Spolek pratel piva” (free translated as “The friends of Beer Club”) gave several awards concerning beer, Prague was awarded in several categories.

If you want to taste beer from the best brewer in the Czech Republic for the year 2006, Martin Matuska, go to Monastic brewery Strahov (Klasterni pivovar Strahov) in Prague (near Prague Castle in the area of Strahov Monastery).

The best pub is First Beer Tramway (Prvni pivni tramway) that offers many kinds of beer. Every three days there is a new manu concerning beer. The pub has a very original interior. It feel like you are sitting in a tram. You can call in the waiter by pulling a rope with a bell.

The best non-alcoholic beer is Staropramen Nealko, which is produced also in Prague. 5% of consumed beer in the Czech Republic is non-alcoholic.

Avalon Tara Prague

Pension in the heart of Old Town. Book a room for 24 EUR per night!

Az hostel

New hostel directly in the city center of Prague, near Wenceslas square.


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