Average salary in the Czech Republic

According to the Human Development Index 2006, the Czech Republic is on the 30th position out of 177 states of the world (complete list of states). This index measures comparatively life expectancy, literacy, education, and standards of living for countries worldwide. That means that also the average salary is considered.

The average salary in the Czech Republic rose 6,1% this year to 19 968 CZK. However, high salaries of top managers and IT experts are also included. Only one third of Czech people reach the average salary. The worst situation is in regions around Karlovy Vary, Hradec Kralove and Ceske Budejovice where the average salary is reached only by 23% of workers.

The best situation is in Prague. The average or higher salary is given to 57% of workers. The average salary in Prague region is around 25 000.

For comparison, Slovakian average salary is 14 419 CZK, Hungarian 18 056 and Polish 17 896 CZK. On the other hand, Austrian average salary is 76 351 CZK.

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