Christmas decorations and fireworks in Prague

Prague, especially the centre of the city, is full of Christmas decorations on every step. The city devoted plenty of money to create the special Christmas atmosphere. Probably the most beautiful atmosphere is in Prague Old Town Square with a large Christmas tree and Christmas markets. Just the tree cost 1 million CZK.

The decorations on Na Prikope street in the centre of Prague cost 1,1 million CZK. Even though the city has to pay a lot of money on Christmas decorations, it has big profits from hiring open spaces for Christmas markets. Even the smallest towns and villages try to have some Christmas decorations.

On the other hand, the towns in the Czech republic do not want to spend so much money on New Year’s fireworks. It is up to private companies to organize fireworks. It is different from 1999, at the start of the new millennium, when the towns wanted to show off. Buying pyrotechnics is legal in the Czech Republic.

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