Festival against totalitarianism in Prague next week

Prague’s festival against totalitarianism, Mene tekel, will remind the period of communism and its crimes. Many exhibitions, movies and lectures will show the life in the Czechoslovakia in 1948 – 1989.

The festival starts this Monday (19th February) and will take 7 days. It starts with an ecumenical service for dead political prisoners in St Vitus cathedral. Let’s also mention an exhibition that will show large photos of living political prisoners of the totalitarianism and the items they created in prisons. The exhibition starts on Tuesday in Clementinum.

The festival will be finished on Sunday by a “spiritual purification” of the balcony of Kinsky Palace in Old Town Square from which communist leader Klement Gottwald addressed people 59 years ago. This time the chairwoman of Confederation of Political Prisoners of the Czech Republic Nadezda Kavalirova, Prague’s bishop Vaclav Maly and the Lord Mayer will give their speeches from this balcony.

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