Beer dispenser can read the age of consumers

The Czech Republic is not only the country with one of the highest consumption of beer but it has now also a beer dispenser that can recognize the age of a person. Karel Stibor and David Polnar invented a machine that can read data on identity cards or on passport and refuse underage consumers.

If the person is younger than 18 years or used a wrong (e.g. copy copied) identity card, the machine will return the money back. The machine can be used also for selling cigarettes, at the entrance of night clubs and disco, etc. The read information are not saved in the machine, so the data shouldn’t be abused.

Stibor and Polnar are now applying for international patent for their invention. They also signed a contract with Czech brewery Plzensky Prazdroj. The brewery wants to distribute the dispensers in Prague and central Bohemia first, especially in hotels, student dormitories and shopping centres.

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  1. MACALLAN said, Apr 13, 03:26 AM #

    Can someone forward me the contacts of the inventors?

  2. Jana said, Apr 13, 10:42 AM #

    You can contact Karel Stibor by phone on +420 604 233 262 and David Polnar on +420 604 584 557.