Only a half of Czech people have Slavonic ancestors

Genetic tests made by Genomac International L.t.d revealed that only 51% of Czech people have genetic characteristics that are typical for Slavonic people. Other Czech people have Romanic, Germanic, Jewish, Finno-Ugric or other ancestors.

The test of DNA can show what places on the earth our distant ancestors came from or whether we are descendants of any noble families. The tests are made from saliva samples sent to the laboratory. The whole process takes few weeks and it costs 2450 CZK.

The Genomac company has already tested 5,000 people and made a data bank from the results. People with similar genetic profile can contact their ‘relatives’ through this data bank. According to the director of Genomac Marek Minarik, scientists will be able to say soon what illnesses we are predisposed to with our genetic profile.

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