GPS tourist guides for Prague available

The Prague Information Service (PIS) started to offer a new service for Prague tourists – GPS tourist guide. It’s meant mainly for individual visitors of the city.

Thanks to the GPS navigation, tourists can plan their own route, find out their position easily and get to the final destination without problems. The guide also informs about tourist attractions and monuments in the city with their history, up-to-date cultural programme, Prague restaurants and many others.

The GPS tourist guide can be borrowed in the tourist office in Rytirska street for 600 CZK. The guide have to be returned the same day. Information can be read or listened to in English language only. This service is just in the testing phase. If there is a big demand for these electronic tourist guides, PIS will add other language versions.

U Suteru Hotel, Prague

The hotel is located right in the centre of the city, about 100 meters from the Wenceslas Square.

Rimska 44 Pension, Prague

Right in the historical city centre, reception non stop and sales drinks and refreshment

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