Prague Public Transport (MHD) gets 40 billions CZK

Prague Public Transport MHD gets 40 milliards CZK 40 milliards CZK (1.3 milliards €), which represent approximately a year’s budget of whole Prague, are planned to be invested to the modernization of the public transport in Prague.

New tramways and buses and repaired old train sets are to be bought throughout the next ten years. This project is about to start the next year, as instructs an informative material of the town councilors. There are 33 new tramways going to appear in the streets of Prague. We, who are so much comfortable with the old ones, that recall the spirit of 1960’s, are off our luck, because the new trains are already being build by Skoda Transportation. Let’s just hope the design will be harmonious with the old nature of Prague city center.

Metro C, the Red line, is now the only line that has only new trains to show off. M1 class trains are going to stay there, but 33 from 48 classic Russian trains are at least going to be adjusted before this years’ end. The city is still paying off the last 20 M1 trains, so the plans for buying of new trains count for 2010-2018.

Arpacay Hostel

Arpacay is a small hostel located not far from the centre of Prague.

Saint George hotel, Prague

Saint George hotel is situated in the city centre, close to the metro station, 10 min walk from the Wenceslas Square.


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