Prague Cathedral Belongs to People this time

cathedral belongs to all the people District court of Prague decided that the Cathedral belongs to the state. This decision came after two previous verdicts, which found the owner of St. Vitus Cathedral the Catholic Church. The Church is going to appeal to the law again.

The suit for the most visited Czech church has been going for 14 years; this time the judgment is based on the government instruction from 1954, where is stated, that the cathedral belongs to “all the people” and the court decided that what belongs to all Czechs, belongs to the Czech state.

The Church authorities of course disagree and are going to appeal. They want to base the next suit on statement that “all the people” doesn’t say anything about transferring of ownership.

According to Jaroslav Sebek, who is a renomed expert of the Church history, it is a symptom of a large problem, which is about the relationship of the Church, state, and society. According to him, this problem is only to be solved with discussion, not by any gestures, which are only making the problem worse. The St. Vitus Cathedral was build with donations of the Church and the state as well.

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