Pilsner Urquell International Master Bartender of the Year 2007

Pilsner Urquell International Master Bartender of the Year competition

Hundreds of contestants throughout the Czech Republic, Poland and South Africa had endured a grueling selection process in the preliminary rounds. Written examinations tested their knowledge of the traditional development of Pilsner Urquell and the brewing practices that create this distinctive beer. Each of the contestants had been required to choose a photograph depicting the embodiment of Pilsner Urquell and to write an essay explaining their selection.

The subsequent test was to demonstrate their ability to consistently perform the “perfect pour.” Such an art requires finesse, patience, and a steady hand. Technique differs for draught and bottle pouring, but either can be a difficult task. The contestants were judged on the draught technique, since this is the greater challenge.

Twenty-one-year old Erik Jönsson from Norway excelled in beer tapping with huge diligence. He did not allow so that the beer would owerflow. After that he hit the right rate.

Erik Jönsson gained a prestigious title Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender 2007 and he was introduced into the hall of fame of the Pilsen Urquell Brewery. “It is a great honour for me, the victory came as a surprise, even when I was prepared. The Czech representative was definitely a favourite .”

Hotel Zlata Hvezda, Prague

4-star hotel, very well equipperd, in calm part of Prague close to Vltava river and centre

U zlateho jelena pension

The pension is situated in a historic building that has been recorded in documents dating back to 1366.


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