Public transport fare increase in Prague

Prague mayor Pavel Bem does not agree with the proposal of raising fares, suggested by the Prague Public Transport company(MHD).

For example a transfer ticket should cost 30CZK (1€), compared to today’s 20 CZK (0,6€) and a yearlong ticket 5800 CZK (200€). Pavel Bem : “The proposal is acceptable neither for me, nor for Prague City Hall”.

MHD proposed those price increases without consulting the city deputies, even when the owner of Prague MHD is Prague city itself. There is a ‘last minute’ debate set up on Tuesday.

If the council decides for the MHD proposal, the price of a base ticket will be higher than i.e. New York 22 CZK (0,73€) or Budapest 24,6 CZK (0,85€). More than one Euro is paid in Barcelona (1, 2€) or Paris (1,3€). The most expensive fare of the world is in London: 135,5 CZK (4,7€).

If we exclude Budapest, monthly wages are, compared to Prague (700€), three times higher.

What’s the result ?

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