Prague Public Transport: More Kilometres, more Tramways, more Money

The Prague City Transport covers more kilometers than any other public company in Europe. Just for a comparison – tramways, buses and metros cover more than 160 millions kilometers. That is like four thousand times around the globe. In Amsterdam it is one quarter of such a distance.

The MHD also retains supremacy in the contest of: the number of transported passengers/the number of the population. It is the highest in Europe. MHD transports 3,3 millions every day. Only the public transport in Budapest is a competitor in figures, as they transport about 100 million/year more, but Budapest is also of a half a million more populated.

The year 2008 will be in token of more kilometers, like the new station of metro C Letnany, more trains, buses and tramways in action at the same time, more of the new tramways and more money, spend on tickets.
New Prague Tramway 14T

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