Wenceslas Square in Prague shakes off Communist Reconstruction

wenceslas sqare project One of the most notorious reconstructions that took place in Prague was definitely taking the D1 expressway, and leading it between the statue of St. Wenceslas and the National Museum, and so cutting it from Wenceslas Square. It is the typical example, how does it ends, when a public commission is controlled by a political party.

Now it seems, Wenceslas square could come back to the pre-communist state of things. How was it before, and how it should look like again? An elegant city boulevard with wide pavements, alleys of trees, and tramways. The expressway, which is definitely a thorn in our side, will be moved away.

wenceslas sqare project Cigler&Marani Architects, who won the public competition of the future face of the square stated that return of tramways and reduction of car traffic should act out as a component which brings back life, but smooths it down at the same time. The expenses of the square reconstruction were estimated at 100 – 200 millions CZK (3,4 – 6,9 mil. €). The expenses of moving the expressway are reaching 450 millions CZK (15,5 mil. €).

foto: Cigler&Marani Architects

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