Jaroslav Skala, the founder of addictology, died.

Jaroslav Skala, the founder of addictology Did you know the idea of Alcohol Addiction Treatment was born in Prague?

The founder of the first center for rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol died at the age of 91. Jaroslav Skala had not drink alcohol from solidarity to his patients for 52 years, in order not to ‘preach water and drink wine’.

His granddaughter said he died at home, and didn’t suffer from any serious disease.

Skala was a psychiatrist by his original profession, but became an important person of addictology; the next year is the 60th anniversary of his addicted patients club. The first Alcohol Emergency Room was founded in Prague 1951 at Apolinar Hospital, thanks to him. Now it is common that every disease has its ‘club’ of patients, but at that time it was unique.

According to statistics, alcoholism is the second most common reason for hospitalization in a psychiatric asylum, about 12 000 alcoholics ends there every year. Czechs belong to the world top nations in alcohol consumption.

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