One Health Care Reform takes place, Other is on the Way in CR

free health care is not really free, is it After the changes the Czech Minister of Health Julinek brought to the system of charges for health care, there is a very new reform ahead, sometimes called the Hospital revolution.

Czech patients should be able to legally pay for better care. The scheme of need for bribing on a daily basis should became legal. Patients should be able to pay for a better plaster, modern haunches or a better crystalline lens.

Julinek, Minister of Health, said he wants to submit the bills to the government next May and to parliament next June, so that they take effect from January 2009. His speaker Cikrt said the bills will guarantee the availability of health care, while the range of services will not change.

Important thing is patients shouldn’t pay for the whole i.e. operation, but just the difference between the above standard and the price insurance company pays.

The consequent change, the most important, should be health insurance companies having greater freedom of dealing with their money. They should be able to generate profits and offer more advantages.

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