Americans, Geography and Prague

It is true, that Americans sometimes are rather lame in the matter of Europe’s geography, but to be honest, if a Czech is asked, what are the neighbours of i.e. Nebraska, he/she never knows. But that story is something. Just a starter:

… people – mostly American students – would ask me were:
1. Do you guys have traffic lights? ( I would answer: “No, we just dance naked around the fire”)
2. Is Czechoslovakia (I gave up correcting them on that one) next to Turkey?
3. You guys speak Russian?
4. Oh yeah, that’s by the sea, right?

The rest is here and it’s quite unbelievable

Petr Garni Hotel

3-star hotel, 2 tram stops from the National Theatre.

Pension Avalon Tara Prague

Affordable historical pension between Old Town and Wenceslas squares

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  1. Dave said, Dec 6, 11:54 AM #

    Just to let you know its not only americans who still think its 1992 in Europe most people in Britian and Ireland dont have a clue either. We let them build a radar in our country and they dont even know the name of it….
    Get with the program America!