Blob - No way smaller or moved said Kapilcky

jan kaplicky zdroj ct krasny ztraty The architect Jan Kaplicky announced to introduce changes of the Blob library, but at the end he stood by his old design. And again, he commented the idea of moving the library ‘somewhere else’ as not very wise:

If you find a place in Europe, or in the world, where they have their National library at a periphery, please tell me. I’ll make it easier for you – such a place doesn’t exist. Modern transport and short distances are essential. It is not necessary to talk about moving the building. If the city doesn’t want the library, it won’t have it 1

The other point, where Kaplicky again demonstrated he has some balls on one hand, and no will to compromise on the other, was the height of the building: “ Compared to the planned stadium at Letna the library design is petite. The height is the same as the height of the National Theater

Kaplicky also said Blob library should be much smaller than Petrin observation tower, and that his design was really at the small side.

Vaclav Havel went to see the debate and described it is as ‘civilized’.

1 Kaplicky is a renowned architect and his Blob design would be appreciated not just by other Czech cities like Brno, but deputies of three foreign cities have already showed interest as well.

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