Improvements of Prague Zoo

a cheetah in prague zoo A new treasure of Prague Zoo is called Indian Gavial, and it is a very endangered and very precious specie of a crocodile. We should see seven of them since 1st April 2008 there, when they arrive directly from India. Gavials are seen just in Zoos that have renowned in world.

The next year 20 millions CZK (0,7 mil. €) are invested to a project of a new pavilion of elephants and hippos. The are should be accessible since 2010. “ We want to breed them ” says the manager Fejk “ it have never succeeded in Czech Zoos, we want to be the first”.

Prague Zoo plans also something for us, visitors. “At the upper station of the zoo funicular, a reconstruction of a listed cottage, where we want to have a poetical café room with a terrace, starts the next year”.

Hotel Lunik, Prague

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Prague Pension Krokodyl

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