What will be new in Prague Zoo the next year?

seals in prague zoo They are going to get a new pool, twice as large as the present one, and a transparent one. It’s edges are to be an imitation of a rock bank.
Because the Zoo trains seals, a large platform for future audiences is planned to appear at the water basin. It is going to be opened at the beginning of 2009, the price of the structure is a million €.

Prague Zoo plans also something for us, visitors. At the upper station of the zoo funicular, a reconstruction of a listed cottage, where they want to have a poetic café room with a terrace, starts the next year. It is going to be opened in 2008, the price is 350 thousand €.

Observatory Tower
exotic birds in prague zoo At the highest place of the Zoo, next to the buffalo yard, there should be a wooden tower, with wiew of the Zoo and Vltava river. It is going to be opened in 2008, the price is 100 thousand €.

Exotic Birds aviary
Close to the new Observatory Tower there will be an aviary with parrots and others, with the possibility of walk-through. Visitors could get to direct contact with exotic birds. Finished in 2008, opened in 2009, the price is 100 thousand €.