Czech Lukas Bauer won the Tour de Ski

lukas bauer The ski-runner Lukas Bauer won the serial of eight races in ten days, way ahead of the other contestants. “I knew I would have won, even if I have felt two times” said Bauer. Thanks to his triumph, Lukas Bauer won 100 000 € and also got 586 points to the World Cup, which he leads with a jump of 301 points.

At the top of the running track he got 167 seconds earlier then his competitors. “I missed sweets and rounds at the track” He joked. “I didn’t have the expected crisis, but the last hill was crazy. The Tour de Ski ends with one big craze. I don’t know if I’m more glad I won, or that it’s over now.”

“To catch up with Lukas? Man, have you seen the movie Mission Impossible?” Said before the last phase Norwegian Gjerdalen, who ended fourth. Italian Di Centa was third, second German René Sommerfeld.

The competition takes place annually also in Prague.

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