Prague Zoo in search for the New Logo

zoo praha old logo The competition for the new logo of Prague Zoo ended in a draw. There is no new logo yet, as from 149 delivered designs none has met all the requirements.

The jury, made of experts for marketing and communication, artists, deputies of Prague City Hall and Prague Zoo, evaluated especially originality, the complete artistic level of solution, simplicity, understandability, datelessness, and marketing potential. Again – none of designs met the requirements.

Critics say it is hard to compete with the past logo, made by Michal Cihlar, whose lino-cut was unique. However Cihlar ended the cooperation with the zoo, as he demanded salary increase, and after retroactively demanded money for the already created logos. Now, he is suing the zoo for unauthorized use.

Petr Fejk announced there will be definitely a new logo competition. We believe there are many artists in the lines of our readers and we are going to inform you about the details, so you can join. Who knows, what is the logo-style the Prague Zoo is looking for…