Free Rides in Prague Public Transport can cost you

check-revizor-a conroller About 140 controllers travel in Prague Public transport, checking whether the passengers have a valid ticket with them. Those who didn’t have one in 2007, paid total over one hundred million CZK (3,6 mil. €) in fares. Every controller so collected 1 688 fines on the average. 230 000 people tried a free-ride, or as Czechs say, jet nacerno (black ride).

What makes problems for tourists, is the difference between transferable/non-transferable tickets in Prague. Also, some don’t know the non-transferable ticket (the one that costs 18 CZK) can be used for 5 stations only.

The statistics show, that the percentage of passengers who don’t pay for tickets is about 10-20 %. Most of them are 15-25 years old. The MHD (Prague Public Transport Company) tries to help those, who are travelling for free unwillingly, by instituting the possibility of SMS tickets.