Eurosong 2008: Tereza Kerndlova represents Czech Republic

kerndlova This weekend finals in Prague revealed Tereza Kerndlova (21) as the Czech representative of Eurosong 2008. After last year embarrassing debacle with Czech drunk-rock hairy group Kabat, who demonstrated what damage can alcohol do to one’s brain cells, we have launched the exact opposite – Tereza Kerndlova is of the ‘shake your boody’ kind.

Tereza Kerndlova’s last album is a very modern, fresh, and directly pop album, in r’n‘b rhythm. Tereza’s visage is adult and sexy, very much like Jennifer Lopez or especially Beoncé. Looks sells, and Tereza definitely can act like a bombshell to boost her CD sales. But if you youtube her live show from this weekend finals, you may agree with the losing contestants, that her singing wasn’t ‘completely clear’; there might be a little problem without playback, but we will see.

Czech weapons for Eurosong 2008: love, good-looks, soul, desire, and pronouns me and you from all angles.

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