Amsterdam Klezmer Band in Prague

Jewish dances and songs from the Eastern Europe went through a revivalist wave in the last quarter a century. At the beginning there were musicians not from Europe, but from the US. The pioneers were groups like Klezmatics from New York, whose example was followed in the 90’s a whole generation of followers in Europe.

Amsterdam Klezmer Band Most of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band repertory has been created by the band members themselves, who all without exception contribute musically to an ever-growing melting-pot of infectious Balkan/Gypsy/Klezmer cross-overs. In this manner the band endeavours to breathe new life into the Eastern European Balkan, Klezmer and Gypsy music tradition.

The members of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band are passionate musicians and well-versed in a wide range of styles. They have made their musical mark on the Dutch and European club and festival scene and are well known for their parts in various other remarkable pop, jazz and world music projects in the Netherlands , past and present.

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band has managed to extract Klezmer from its dilettante ambiance and added a good dose of street credibility, bringing you the pleasure of Eastern European music as it’s meant, because: The Amsterdam Klezmer Band guarantees a spectacular live show at which there is only one option: Dance until you drop.

31sh January 2008, Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3.