Czech Brands Advertisements in the World

Skodacarpark When Skoda Auto introduced , during the Christmas season, their skoda-cake advertisement, it was just one of the ads they show to the world. By the way, the British Television Advertising Craft Awards went to this ‘baking’ advertisement.

Skoda advertisements have their place reserved at the web Ads of the Wold, which maps creative ideas, like the one when Skoda inform es they re-plant forests at various places of Earth; “Skoda compensates for the pollution of its cars, reforesting specific areas in the world.” (picture)

The second most well-known Czech product is beer, and the Kozel brand advertisements are recognized by world’s creative minds. Kozel is the beer with the billy-goat in its emblem, and the billy-goat propagates the beer e.g. by presenting ‘beer receipts’ in Finland, or by re-cycling the 3D glasses idea in Russia.


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