Klaus: Passive smoking doesn't harm

Meanwhile Al Gore got the Nobel Prize for his fight against Global warming, Klaus denies global warming has anything to do with men. When Blob won the competition of the best National library design, Klaus said he would rather drastically protest against, than saw it build (thanks to him the ‘Blob matter’ has been debated about half a year, with the perspective of another half a year of debates). Now, when the world fights smoking, and in the Czech Republic there are activities to limit smoking at public places, Klaus protests, and supports smokers. Vaclav Klaus himself is a non-smoker.

passive smoking In the CR, the specialists speak about twice as much deaths from passive smoking, than from traffic accidents. That means, over 2500 people died last year, because they were staying in heavily smoky places. The illnesses they died from were all smoking-based, or it’s proved smoking demonstrably worsens the development.

Klaus’ statement for LN surprised the expert community; Eva Kralikova, a practitioner of the centre for smoking quitting, said: “Studies about passive smoking are being carried out in many countries and the outcome is always the same.” To inhale cigarette smoke can lead to lung and heart diseases. Vaclav Klaus doesn’t think so.