Gavials arrived to Prague ZOO

Gavialis gangeticus Prague Zoo got very special new inhabitants – seven young crocodiles Gavialis gangeticus, in English called Fish-eating Crocodile, Gharial, Long-nosed Crocodile or Gavial. Seven of them have permanently moved to Prague Zoo.

Population of Gavial in the nature is declining, the population is counted in hundreds already. Prague is the first European city, which joined endeavours for saving the species.

The crocodiles were transported from India, after several years of efforts. “ Zoo Prague got the endangered animals as an appreciation of our active role in efforts for saving of the species. “ Said the speaker Vit Kahle.

Gavilas are another cherry on the cake, Zoo Prague gained under the lead of Petr Fejk, as well as another very special world animal.

The group is formed by three males and four females. To see those Gavials is possible from 5th April.



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