Jan Kaplicky to Build an Enviromental Building in Brno?

classroom by kaplicky's future systems Jan Kaplicky is an architect who is a matter of many discussions in the Czech Republic nowadays. For many the savior, for many others the bane of Prague Letna, where his environmental Blob was supposed to be build, before Vaclav Klaus stepped in.

Discussions, how the Blob should be changed, moved, forbidden, or even build as it won the international contest, have been taking place for half a year new. But as a matter of fact, other cities like Brno, Bratislava, even Edinburgh would do a lot, to have Blob Library by Kaplicky. And it is the Brno mayor, who invited Kaplicky last week, to plan something for his city.

As MF Dnes informed, the abolished railway station in Brno is to be replaced with a brand new ‘city’. The Mayor Roman Onderka stated: “…there could be a bench or a building by Mr. Architect, which would become the new dominating feature of Brno” He would also like Kaplicky, living in London, to be an exterior advisor for the whole project of Brno becoming a new world architectonical metropolis. Kapilcky commented their meeting as “a very good start.”



  1. Michael Fraietta said, Feb 22, 02:43 PM #

    I still see no reason why this building should not be in Prague. If Brno wants a recognisable landmark that bad, maybe they deserve it more! Milonic’ may not agree with the location, but it would be such a missed opportunity for the city not to have the building at all. Letna really is not that far from the city centre anyway. – Michael