Gavilas like Prague Zoo

gavial Gavials are doing well. Acclimatization goes faster, than the Zoo, with Petr Fejk in front, expected. There were no complications so far. The animals spend most of their time at a heated island close to the glass by the pavilion corridor. They move flexibly in the water, demonstrating, they are from all crocodiles the specie most adapted to swimming and fish hunting.

gavilas Gavials like flowing water, and they appreciate artificial stream and the waterfall they have. They started to ingest without problems, and they have great appetite; 50-70 fish in total weight 2,5-3,5 kg every second day.

Together with gavials, 10 turtles of two kinds share the spacious pavilion. The turtles were scared at the beginning, but when found out the crocodiles aren’t interested, now they get up their backs and sunbathe.

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