Marketa Irglova praised for her Oscar speech

The Sunday Oscar ceremony was commented by international media, especially the acceptance speech by Martina Irglova got a lot of approvals.

“… No matter how far out your dreams are, they can become true…fair play to those who dare to dream and don’t give up… ”

This is an often quoted sentence from the short speech by Iglova, which the British Mirror labelled a one of the most inspirational Oscar speeches. Mirror recalled, that before the movie gained fan base, Hansard with Irglova were practically unknown.

USA Today pointed out a scene from the backstage; Glen and Marketa played with the gained statues. Glen said: “Let’s put them together, like if they are kissing each other.” Marketa: “But they are two boys!” Glen: “But this is Hollywood!”

Server New Musical Express stated Hansard gained a sms from Bono: “From the streets directly to the Oscars. Congratulations.”