Forbes Magazine: Prague Zoo the 7th Best in the World

What did Forbes Magazine stated about Prague Zoo?
“Despite its modest area of 111 acres, Prague Zoo has 4600 animals of 630 kinds. Just last year, a few young of Comodo varan, Rothschild giraffe or Panther turtle were born there.”

Petr Fejk, the manager of Prague Zoo was surprised: “I still don’t get it, this is a really prestigious company we were put in. Of course we are very flattered.”

What was the thing that made Troja stand up the most? “Probably because the zoo is active and friendly. The animals and visitors feel the same here – they both feel nice.” Petr Fejk

The Best Zoos of the world
By Forbes magazine

1. Animal Kingdom (Orlando, USA)
2. Basel Zoo (Basilej, Switzerland)
3. Beauval Zoo (France)
4. Berlin Zoo Garden (Germany)
5. Bronx Zoo (New York, USA)
6. Chester Zoo (Great Britain)
7. Zoo Praha
8. National Zoo of S. Africa (JAR)
9. San Diego Zoo (USA)
10. Schönbrunner (Austria)