Klaus didn't congratulate Irglova on her Oscar success. Why?

glen and marketa. anything but arrogant It is a common presidential duty, not to miss the opportunity to show up in the company of renowned artists and sportsmen. Meanwhile Irish President McAleese congratulated Glen on his success the very evening, Klaus keeps silent towards Marketa. The last Czech person to get an Oscar was Jan Sverak for his Movie Kolja in 1996. Oscar is an equivalent for a World Championship trophy in sports. If Klaus passes this fact, the reason is clear – his ego, as always.

Marketa Igrlova said last year for an interview in Pravo: “I am really ashamed of our president, who always speaks so arrogantly about ecologic problems. I can’t understand, how a president of a country can doubt something that is scientifically proved and everybody knows about … it is a great shame to have him the president.”

Here we go. We would ask Vaclav Klaus too much to swallow this and admit somebody who criticises him is actually quite successful. And I personally think Martina Irglova doesn’t long for getting congratulations from Klaus.



  1. Tanja said, Mar 11, 03:31 AM #

    I didn’t know she bad-mouth the president that bad…
    In my opinion, whether you like the current president or not, you should still be respectful in what you say. Besides, the man-made global warming is not a fact as Marketa states it is a theory….based on very poor statistical data.