Chinaski play great Czech pop-rock

‘Zebrik’ – the annual Czech music award given for the best music group every year, went to Chinaski this year. On Saturday in the house of culture in Pilsen, Inwest, the ‘Zebrik, 2007 Loap Awards’ were overrun by Cinaski, who won five of eleven categories. That means, Chinaski is something like the best pop-rock music group of Czech origin, singing in Czech.

In the reader’s prize of Report magazine they took away the traditional statues of the artist Vaclav Cesak called Dancing R for the best music video of the song Zadarmo (For Free); the same song got the most votes in the category ‘The song of the Year’ and their album 07 won the best record prize. Their singer also won the singers category.

Anyway, if you want to hear good Czech pop rock this is probably a good choice. You can watch the award winning video below.