Bauer finally got his Globe

Lukas Bauer got the prize for the best sri runner – World Cup. Until now no Czech cross-country skier had ever clinched the World Cup title, not even the great Katerina Neumannova who won gold in the Turin Olympics.

He ended his best season by gaining 1462 points, he has in front of the second Rene Sommerfeldt from Germany by 633 points. By this, he beaten the record of German Tobias Angerer, who win the world serie with the highest headstart of 551 points.

Bauers’s dream season
First place: Five times. According to the official records Tour de Ski wins counts as one, so the other three wins doesn’t count.
Second place: fourth times
Third place: 0
World Cup: incredible 1462 points
Finantial prizes of the World cup: approx. 212 000 €


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