CR to finally recognise Kosovo...?

kosovo 17 February 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence was immediately recognised by the US, Czech Republic was to ‘wait, until the right time comes’ as Karel Schwarzenberg stated. It seems the time is now.

Karel Schwarzenberg, the Czech Foreign Minister proposed the government recognised independent Kosovo on April 2, which is during the NATO summit in Bucharest.

Vaclav Klaus have already expressed his disagreement with the Declaration and warns against the international independence. The Czech President would put the CR on the side of Kosovo’s independence opposers like Russia and Slovakia.

Czech Presidents don’t have much executive power, so Czech Republic is to probably join those 30 countries, that have already recognised Kosovo, on April 2th.



  1. bluerose799 said, Mar 26, 08:52 PM #

    Serbs just occupied Kosova during the rise of the Serbian nationalism early 20th century from Ottomans, who by then were loosing the Balkans after 500 years of occupation. The borders of Kosova are well established and recognized. Now Kosova should be Free!
    I can’t comprehend how a minority of 7% of the population, pretend to take off the land, the language, culture and the life of the rest of Kosova. Kosovars have the right to live free and independent in their land where they are born, generation after generation, live and will die.

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