New Prague Tramways T15 Pictures

The new type of Prague Tramways, made by Skoda, have revealed its looks two weeks ago. Now, Skoda Holding have revealed new photographs of the T15 model series.

Test rides have started already, but the first time we will be able to ride in one of these will be probably next year. One T15 Tram costs 66 mil czk (2,5 mil €)

The tram is made by three joined units, which create space for up to 300 passengers. It is barrier-free. The limit for maximal speed is 60km/h, its interior is air-conditioned.

Passengers can vote on, which interior design they like the most. The one with comfy, fabric chairs, or the wooden, durable anti-vandalism version.

Pictures by Skoda Holding. Click for enlargement.