Gavials have opened! In Prague Zoo

gavial in prague zoo The Prague zoo opened a new pavilion for endangered crocodiles. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest. Gavials in Prague zoo are still young. They are about 3,5 years and 1,2-1,7 metre. When adult, they should have up to 5,5 metre.

gavial pavillon The Prague Zoological garden will probably move even higher in the Forbes magazine list. “it is a complete rarity” said Petr Fejk, the manager. “in all the zoos of the world, there is only 19 of them.” Fejk also labelled the presence of those animals in Prague for an act with international overlap.

The scarce crocodiles needed to have a brand new pavilion build. It is called Chambal, after one of the few rivers in India, where a large group of gavials still lives.