Prague Hosted Elite Model World

In the light of reflectors, mostly 15-year-old models showed their catwalk, as the finals of Elite Model World 2008 took place. Those girls hope they would have the same fate as Cindy Crawford or Karen Mulder many years ago. The best three of them can look forward to few-million-worth contracts and especially fulfilment of their big dream.

Jennifer Messelier from France became the winner, Ymre Stiekema from Holland was second, Hana Jirickova from the Czech Republic was third.

The theme that is traditionally present wherever this contest takes place is anorexia. How thin is too thin? The 15 yo Peruvian Juan Cervera was clearly too much – shape of shoulder bones clearly visible, eyes deep in the face, thin hands… when watching the contest one can think bulimia and anorexia is not an illness, but a standard which is necessary to get to the contest in the first place. So no change there.