Anti-Eco prizes award Klaus and Neumannova

The annual prizes Ropak for those who always put money before the environment were given away. To whom the Ropaks went? First is Jiri Hlodac, the second Katerina Neumannova, third was Vaclav Klaus.

16th year of the Anti-Eco enquiry was organized by Deti Zeme organization. Deputy of the Transportation minister Jiri Hlodac won for forcing of motorways into protected nature areas and threatening everybody who disagrees with courts and fines.

Katerina Neumannova is the second because she got the snow for Prague Ski competition from protected nature area in Sumava, south Bohemia, where they loaded it into sixty trucks.

The third is President Vaclav Klaus, he got the ‘Green pearl’ for the most Anti-Eco statement of 2007: “I don’t see any planet devastation, I have never seen it and I don’t think any reasonable person could say there is such a thing.”


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