Widening of footways in Prague

footway sign If you go to Prague very old centre, you know the situation – you want to make a picture of some sight, but than you hear a car horn and realize you stand in a street. Those of us who are used to other western-type cities of Europe, expect to walk or ride a bike freely in the old part of a city. The reason why it is not so in Prague is lack of by-passes, but this will soon change. At least according to Prague councilman Karel Kozeluh.

“We have studies ready for widening the footways for the next year already.” About 10 streets should be changed to footways in Vienna style – the street will be limited to two narrow lines, lifted to the level with the pavement. This will happen at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, as well as below the Central railway station.

What we, who prefer to walk or take a tram, should really look forward, is when the tunnel circuit below Strahov will be finished (2011) – the whole area by the river from the National Theatre to Rudolfinum will become a boulevard.