The Blob story goes on and on

There was a new proposal of placing the Blob on Vysehrad, about which we didn’t inform because it was clear it won’t work. Pavel Bem was finally against in that case. But he may agree with Knizaks’ proposal of not building a Blob, but placing the very much needed new National Library into the building of the Congress Centre at Vysehrad.

Knizak has many opposers in whatever he does (right now, about 50 000 people signed a petition he should resign on his function of the leader of the National Gallery, but he is strongly in power) but this time he came with a proposal which could kill two birds with one stone; what to to with the congress centre and what to do with the National Library.

The Prague mayor Pavel Bem have arranged a meeting wit Knizak this week, where they should discuss the matter. The manager of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek however sees the matter as a nonsense, because to run the communist-constructed building costs a fortune, and to change it into a library would be too expensive as well.


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